The EVL Events  Journal

10 Must Dos Just Before the “I Do’s”

You’ve dreamt of your wedding day forever, you’ve spent money and you’ve planned details big and small for months leading up to this moment. The secret of truly enjoying the time and being as stress-free as possible is in the preparation. If things are organized, it will help free headspace so that you can enjoy every minute of the wedding weekend, as it will go by quickly.

1.     Drink, Drink, Drink

……water only! An alcoholic drink to toast the night before won’t hurt, but water should be the number one, if only, beverage of choice. Water prevents headaches, bloating and puffy eyes, which is especially great for pictures. (No energy drinks, even ones with low or no sugar – these could lead to crash and burns!)


2.     Day of Itinerary

By listing out what to pack and remember on the day of the wedding, this will help ensure the couple gets a restful night’s sleep knowing everything is written down. Make a list of what to bring to the salon (hair accessories, up-do friendly shirt, etc.), reception and any last minute follow-ups for day of.


3.     Moisturize!

Use lotion and foot moisturizer faithfully the week-of. Decide on a skincare routine that works for your skin type and stick to that only. Don’t deviate and try something new last minute as it could result in blemishes and breakouts. If you’re going to get a spray tan, do so up to one week, but no closer than three days prior to wedding day.


4.     Ring Security

Entrust someone responsible to keep track of the wedding rings and hand them over. Typically, the best man or woman will keep and then give them to the ring bearer or officiant during the ceremony.


5.     Vendors – Point of contact / Final Payment

Delegate someone trustworthy to keep vendor thank you notes and tips, and instruct that person to distribute before the wedding celebrations are over for the night. This is also where a planner comes into play. A planner can distribute monies and also is a point of contact for vendors if issues or questions should arise; this will alleviate the couple from having to make decisions or field inquiries on their special day so that they can focus on their guests and celebrating.


6.     Stay Off Social Media & Reflect

The night or day prior to your wedding, try to take in every little detail of the people and events in your life. Take a few moments to yourself and reflect on your past with your soon-to-be-spouse and the future ahead of you both. Oftentimes, this is the perfect opportunity to rehearse vows and write a quick note to your significant other and have it delivered by someone from the bridal party or a family member on wedding morning.


7.     Eat a Healthy Meal

Remember to fuel your body with clean, green and lean food the week leading up to your wedding. You want to feel the best you’ve ever felt and have lots of energy when enjoying your wedding morning all the way up to dancing the night away! (No sugary foods – these are quick pick-me-ups, but do not provide sustaining energy.)


8.     Spend Time with Loved Ones

Plan some fun time out with family or friends the week leading up to your wedding day. This could be valuable time to see people you haven’t visited with in a while and catch up with them. Watch a chick flick or a fun movie with your bridal party or family members the night before the wedding.


9.     Relax and Rest

Set a bedtime for the night before your wedding and even a few nights prior and stick to it! Make it known to your wedding party or family so that others can hold you accountable. While you will be tempted to stay out until all hours of the night, you want to be well rested for this important day. (This could prevent yawning and bags under your eyes!)


10.  Check-Ins – Bridal Party & Travel Arrangements

Send a group text out to your bridal party and family members the day or night before your wedding to remind everyone of what to bring, timing and their to-dos the next day. By communicating clearly, this could avoid last minute questions and ensure everyone sticks to a strict timeline. A fun group text sets the tone and amps you and your party up for what is sure to be a great celebration ahead!


If traveling by flight to your honeymoon, complete your early check-in with the airline the night before. This could help prevent delays getting you through the airport and on to your destination.


You want to be free to enjoy all of your planning leading up to this day. If something isn’t complete or details fall through at the last minute, make a quick decision on how to handle a situation, and then let the stress go. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Time isn’t something you can get back on your wedding day, so prepare ahead of time and then enjoy your day without worry.