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Planning For Your Hair and Makeup Trial.

Photo by: RedStone StudiosHair & Makeup: Salon Elizabeth

Photo by: RedStone Studios

Hair & Makeup: Salon Elizabeth

Having a successful hair and makeup trial is key for looking and feeling your best. The practice run of your hair and makeup ensures you’ll look the way you’d always imagined on your big day. We’ve outlined some pointers on how to prepare and get the most out of your trial appointment.

The Right Stylist.

Do your research when looking for a stylist, not every stylist will be the right fit for you. It’s important to check out some of the work they’ve done, read reviews and even get a recommendation from a wedding planner. We recommend having the trial appointment a couple of months before your wedding day.

Prepped and ready.

The day of your appointment you should go in with a clean, moisturized face with no makeup and clean hair. Ask your stylist prior to your appointment on how they prefer your hair, washed the day of vs washed the night before. Coming prepared with photos you’ve found of hair and makeup styles will help your stylist understand what you like. Will you need hair extensions to create a longer or fuller look?

Don’t forget to bring any wedding accessories you plan to wear like a veil or hair accessory.

We also recommend going to your appointment with a white top that has a similar neckline as your dress so you can get an overall vision of the completed look.

Your Style.

It’s key that your look reflects your style and who you are, so it’s important for you to share your likes and dislikes with your stylist. If you are someone who wears little to no makeup, you probably won’t feel comfortable with heavy, bold makeup on your big day. Maybe you’re someone who never wears their hair up, you probably wouldn’t see yourself with an up-do. You’ll want to share with them details about your wedding such as, a photo of your dress, wedding colors and the theme. This will help them create the perfect hair and makeup for you. Although it’s important to share your style with them, it’s also important to go into the appointment with an open mind. Don’t forget they are the professionals!

Most importantly, do not be afraid to speak up! If your stylist has created a look that you do not love, let them know. It’s so important you leave the appointment feeling good, this will not hurt their feelings!


A friend or a family member can offer support and their opinion during your appointment, but you don’t want too many opinions in the room. This can cause stress and doubt, so we’d recommend keeping the attendees to a minimum. Select someone who knows your style and whose opinion on fashion you trust!

Written by: Emily Aloisio