The EVL Events  Journal

5 Things to Consider When Searching for Your Perfect Venue.

Wedding Planning is full of decisions, however, your venue will have the largest impact on your big day! There are so many factors that go into deciding on your wedding venue, so we listed out a few key items to help you nail down this big decision!

1.     Size

How many guests will you be inviting?

Before starting your venue hunt, we recommend making a first draft of your guest list, so you have a pretty good grasp on how many guests you plan to invite. Venues come in all shapes and sizes and you wouldn’t want to fall in love with a place that couldn’t support your guest list. It’s not only about finding a venue to fit your guest list, but you want to ensure its not ‘too’ big either. If you plan to invite 100 guests, you wouldn’t want your event in a room that fits 300 guests and have the room feel empty.


2.     Budget

Don’t blow the budget!

Research the pricing of the venues you’re interested in prior to visiting them.  Does your dream venue fit into your budget?  You don’t want to spend your entire budget on your venue and not leave money left for other key items like photography and entertainment! Typically a good rule of thumb is the venue and catering should take up 50% of the overall budget.   Consider what is included and what is not included in the pricing. Physical items such as tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, and coat racks may be provided, or they may need to be brought in. Other intangibles like staffing and electrical may or may not be included with the venue rental.


3.     Location

Location is key!

 Location will play a big role in the timeline of your wedding day. It’s important to think about if you’d want your ceremony at the venue or if it will be at an offsite location. If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, you’ll want to ensure they are close enough together. If they are too far apart it can lead to inconveniences for guests and finding transportation. Also, you’ll want to ensure there are accommodations nearby for guests who may not want to drive. Hey, maybe even consider a destination wedding!  Is there ample parking on site?  Is there transportation available?  Remote venues can be intriguing but can pose logistical issues. 


4.     Style

Is it your style?

It’s a good idea before picking a venue to ensure you have a vision for the style of your wedding day. Each venue generally has its own style – whether its Rustic, Modern or Vintage. You’ll want to ensure the venue won’t clash with all the details you have in mind for your wedding like flower arrangements, centerpieces and even colors. Another great pointer, the more your venue matches your style, the less you have to do with decor!


5.      Guest Experience

Will your guests be comfortable?

Is there parking available for guests?  Are there other events or weddings happening at the same time?  How do guests flow from cocktail hour to the reception to dance?  Will breakdown have to take place in front of them?  Are there enough restrooms?  Is there A/C?  Are there alternatives to inclement weather (ie. Excessive heat, shade, umbrellas, etc.). These are just some of the additional things to consider when choosing your venue!