The EVL Events  Journal

Love in the time of COVID-19


Wedding planning is stressful enough for the average American couple – throw in a worldwide pandemic, and things can seem pretty bleak. But now is not the time to panic, just prepare! Here are some proactive things you can do, either physically or mentally, as you continue to wedding plan through this uncertain time.

Plan for a smaller guest count

When we’re not dealing with a pandemic, industry standards say that about 15% of people RSVP no to a wedding. Expect this number to change dramatically as things play out across the country. If a majority of your guests are traveling from out of state, it might be best to encourage them to stay at home, especially if they planned on flying. If most guests are living locally and are younger than 60, your number may not change much, but social distancing is still important. If there is a limit on number of people at a gathering in your state, make sure you include your vendors and staff in this number so that you don’t go over.

Double lead time on your attire orders

80% of wedding gowns are manufactured in China, so check with your local bridal salons and see if this has affected their shipment of gowns. If you’re recently engaged, don’t wait, go shopping now! Better yet, shop off the rack, or with a local designer if you’re able to.

Read the fine print in your contracts

Schedule a (virtual!) meeting with your vendors so that you can talk about worst case scenarios and what their plan B would be if they should contract the virus. Wedding vendors may need to lean on each other a lot over this season, filling in if the virus does spread to the general population. The CDC is recommending a 14 day quarantine, so all should do their best to respect this and keep those around them safe.

Implement ways to keep your guests safe

Ventilation and light are two crucial ways to decrease spread of this virus, so an outdoor wedding can be a great compromise! Also, remember the rules of social distancing, perhaps allowing just immediate families to stay together and separating guests seating. A plated meal rather than a buffet decreases the spread of germs, and if you do choose a buffet, have it served by a staff member rather than allowing each guest to touch the utensils. Also – have multiple hand-washing or hand sanitizer stations!

There are about a hundred more questions and uncertainties when it comes to what do during this pandemic. We hope that this has helped with some of them, and above all take care of yourself and your significant other first! That includes your mental well-being.