The EVL Events  Journal

Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?


I am going to brief you all on the reasons why a wedding coordinator/planner for the day of your wedding is a great asset. But first, you must ask yourself a question.

What is the point of having a wedding in the first place?

 I’m a hopeless romantic who loves all things wedding related. Even though I’m passionate about planning the details of the entire day from timeline to decor and seating chart to vendor selection, the main point, the SINGLE most important thing that marriage symbolizes is love. It’s pretty simple, but yet an amazing gift. Envision yourself as the bride or groom being able to celebrate, stress-free, ALL day and ALL night because a wedding coordinator has your back. This lets you as a couple enjoys time together with family and friends instead of worrying about any unforeseen circumstances that would distract from the main purpose of what you’re gathering to celebrate. The point I’m trying to drive home is, the number one reason a planner is valuable is that this person or team helps the couple not sweat the small stuff and be less stressed.

 Just like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner when she helps a bridesmaid with a dress mishap, coordinates with the videographer and photographer, corrals the priest and bridal party, and sobers up the father of the bride before the ceremony, a wedding coordinator has experience with how the day should flow and can resolve many different issues that may arise on wedding day.


A coordinator should be the one running the show for your wedding. This person should be the head of logistics, scheduling, and the go-between for vendors should any issues arise. A coordinator can field questions from family, friends and guests and give vendors a heads up on the timeline, keeping things on track. The coordinator can also be the person that gives you unbiased advice on sticky situations. Typically, the bride and groom can defer to the coordinator to handle decisions, especially when last minute as to take the personal choice and urgency away from the couple. The coordinator has vast experience in all things wedding and has most likely seen some scenarios played out before and will know how best to handle. On wedding day, the bride and groom should be carefree to visit with guests, dance with family and enjoy their party. Essentially, the newlyweds are free to be guests at their own wedding. The wedding coordinator will check in frequently when it is time for the first dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc. in an effort to keep the night flowing according to the predetermined timeline.

Most coordinators will have an emergency kit with them on site to fix issues as they occur and keep the party lively and in good spirits! Coordinators can be there to arrange the place settings, decorations, and run the ceremony. Often times, the coordinators oversee transportation and photography and that everything is on schedule and going smooth. Before cocktails, appetizers and dinner is served, the coordinator will check in with the catering staff to ensure order and timeliness. At the end of the night, the coordinator and team will wrap up any outstanding payments with the vendors, pack away gifts and decorations and ensure the venue is tidy before leaving.


Do you have a vision in mind of how your wedding day would flow or what it would look like? Do you need help executing that plan? Would you like to be free to enjoy one of the best moments of your life?

Do you have a team of family and friends willing to help on wedding day, but you’d like them to be able to sit back and enjoy themselves? If you’re answering yes to any of the above, consider, booking Ellicottville Events to assist. When versed with the vision you have for your wedding, getting to know the bride and groom personally and having the experience of all things wedding, we can help your wedding be a grand event, one that will jumpstart your love story.