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Venue Coordinator Versus Day of Coordinator

My venue has a coordinator that will handle everything, so I do not need a day of coordinator.

Have you found yourself saying this while planning your wedding? We are here to talk about the differences between a venue coordinator and a hired coordinator.

First, we would love to stop calling us day of coordinators! Wedding coordinators start the day of process at least a month prior to the wedding date, sometimes up to two months prior. So much planning and coordination goes into preparing for the big day.

We will keep it simple to start and then we will go into more detail.

  • A venue coordinator is looking out for the best interests of the venue.

  • A private wedding coordinator is looking out for YOUR best interests.

**This not meant to be negative towards venue coordinators whatsoever. We LOVE venue coordinators, working with them and building relationships with them. We have created some great partnerships with vendor coordinators and would love to create even more! Our job is to help make their lives easier too!

Holimont Wedding. Photo by Stefan Ludwig

Holimont Wedding. Photo by Stefan Ludwig

When planning your wedding there are a few things to beware of especially regarding the differences between the two roles so you can ultimately make the best decision.

  • A venue coordinator typically deals with everything having to do with the venue. This includes food, bar, service, restrooms, etc.

  • A hired wedding coordinator handles all of the aspects of the venue that pertain to you, such as setup, making sure that we bring your vision to life. A hired wedding coordinator will stay by your side throughout the day/night. They will make sure you are aware of upcoming events like toasts, dances, etc. but also ensure that you are having the best time and making sure you get a little time to yourself as well. If contracted, a hired coordinator will stay until the end of the wedding or event and ensure your decor items are packed up and ready to be taken with you.

  • A hired coordinator will contact every one of your hired vendors to ensure everyone is confirmed, details in contract are correct, and know what time each will be arriving and any special needs.

  • A venue coordinator may contact the vendors that have to do with setup of the venue, ie. florist, rentals, etc. Other vendors, like your photographer or hair and makeup, tend to not be contacted by your venue coordinator.

If you are having a first look, you venue coordinator typically does not assist in coordinating this, nor will they coordinate your transportation offsite. If you are having your wedding ceremony offsite, this is something that a venue coordinator will not help with either. In short, anything that will occur offsite, will not be handled by your vendor coordinator.

 We feel it is extremely important to have our clients be stress-free the entire day and night, and not just a small portion. When hiring EVL Events or any wedding coordinator for that matter, you are guaranteed that all aspects of your day are coordinated and taken care of so that you, your new spouse, friends and family can sit back, relax and enjoy every moment!