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Reception Lounge Setups


A somewhat new trend to a wedding reception setup is to have a lounge area for your guests to relax at. When setting up such an area, keep in mind the theme or tone you want it to portray and what sentiment you want it to evoke; this may be the first things wedding guests see as they enter the reception space. You want this space to feel inviting for small groups of friends and family members so that they can catch up quick before heading to the reception seating. Throughout the night, guests can have a place to step away and even have a glamorous, chic space to take a photo.

When selecting pieces of furniture and other decor to design this space, decide whether you want it to tie into your reception theme or be its own statement area. Lounge areas can include a cell phone recharging area, a few comfy loungers, ottomans or chairs, floral arrangements and candles, chandeliers or other lighting. This can be a “first look” if you will for your reception and set the tone for the rest of your event design. Do you want your evening to have a traditional, cozy yet chic, rustic or modern or traditional and elegant atmosphere? Lounge areas are not only trending for weddings, but also corporate events, bridal showers and private parties.

If you like the idea of a lounge setup and are considering this decor for your event, please contact us at Ellicottville Events to help find the perfect furniture, lighting and fittings. We have relationships with the best vendors in the local area as well as the bigger surrounding cities.

Photo by Ayres Photography

Furniture by Flowers off the Farm