The EVL Events  Journal

The Use of Electronics at Weddings


While technology can be something that allows loved ones who are not able to attend your wedding day share in the festivities, sometimes it can hinder the big moments in your special day. There is a moment and a place for cameras, cell phones and even iPads (yes, iPads) to take a timeout.

On your wedding day, think ahead to every special moment to whether it will be captured on film or not. You have hired a photographer who has great experience capturing all of the once in a lifetime moments of your day: the look in the groom’s eye the first time he sees his bride, the smile and hug the bride and her father share when they get to the altar, and the moment the officiant pronounces the newlyweds official.

While your photographer does have knowledge of where to stand in order to take those shots and be free from obstacles, there is no control over whether a guest hops in the aisle last minute to take a photograph of the bride and groom, in turn, blocking the photographer from that shot. Another situation that could be distracting is if someone snaps a picture during the vows, forgets to take the flash off or turn the volume down, causing the couple to lose focus and their train of thought along with other guests being taken out of that moment.

Whether some people are always glued to their phones, want to take pictures for their own keepsake, or want to share with everyone on social media, there are a few things the bride and groom need to ask themselves in preparation for their ceremony and reception.

1. Should electronics even be allowed on the big day? While this may seem harsh, guests were invited to spend time with the couple, not be on phones and other devices. Also, assuming the photographer has vast experience, this person was HIRED to fulfill a service and will share these pictures. A photographer cannot easily edit out guests or electronics that block the bride and groom and take away from candid pictures.

2. Should there be a limit to the use of devices until after a certain time on wedding day? The guests have traveled to be there to celebrate and support the bride and groom. As such, guests should respect the couple’s wishes if requesting that devices be put down until after the ceremony or even until after the first dance. This request is in effort to limit distractions, for everyone to be able to enjoy the moments of the day and to revel in this real life journey that the couple will not be able to re-do. The professional photographer will capture moments for everyone to be able to re-live over and over again after the celebrations have concluded.

3. Are the bride and groom okay with their day being shared on social media or do they prefer to announce these details to the world themselves? If a couple is more private and not big on fanfare, it is perfectly okay for them to request that details and pictures be shared only by them. A lot of planning goes into a ceremony and reception; a wedding day is almost like a brand for the newlyweds. How pictures and information is portrayed is important to the couple’s love story.

Technology is on the rise in almost everything we interact with in today’s society, and it can add a fun element to such a significant celebration as a wedding. Hashtags are a great way to gather photos from any event so that guests and the newlyweds can view all photos and videos uploaded to social media in one click. The couple can create a catchy slogan for their wedding day and ask that all guests include the hashtag when sharing details online.

Examples: #aDRUMcometrue #HELWIGofagoodtime #oneHALEofawedding #WRIGHTstateofmind

Whatever the couple’s wishes, be it limited social media or none at all, let’s all do our part to put down our phones and be more present in reality. Personally, I used to be a picture fanatic, documenting my own life and the moments of friends around me. In the past year, I have had to teach myself to resist reaching for the camera. Thankfully for weddings, the photographer is a very prominent part of the magic on wedding day, and can help to ensure guests be free to enjoy themselves.

If our parents and grandparents had nice pictures to show from their weddings, certainly there is a great chance that the weddings of today will have even better quality and number of photos taken. The appointed photographer should not have to worry about additional flashes going off or distractions throughout the day from countless guests in order to capture this once in a lifetime event.